The world that I see through my lens!

Project 365 – Remembering 2011

Day 356 - The Christmas PhotoshootProject 365 - Day 1: January 1st, 2011Project 365 - Day 2Project 365 - Day 3Project 365 - Day 4Project 365 - Day 5
Project 365 - Day 6Project 365 - Day 7: January 7th, 2011Project 365 - Day 8Project 365 - Day 9Project 365 - Day 10Day 11
Day 12Day 13Day 14 - January 14th, 2011Day 15Day 16 - January 16th, 2011Day 17
Day 18Day 19Day 20Day 21Day 22 - UPhoto Spring IcebreakerDay 23

Via Flickr:
A picture a day for 365 days. See how my year unfolded! 🙂

I finally completed this project! Thank-you to everyone who has watched and commented on any pictures, I hope you all enjoyed it 🙂

For those that don’t know what this project is; it requires you (or me in this case) to take one picture each day. Some use it to show how they change through the course of a year (by taking a picture of themselves everyday) while others just change it to suit their needs. For me, this project is chronicling my highs and lows this year.. Along with helping me remember certain events 😡

*Originally titled, Experiencing 2011 through my len(es)*


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