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Day 365 – The Last Day of 2011

Via Flickr:
*Warning: There will be many links in this description*

I can’t believe I made it, I actually finished this year long project! And what a year it has been; both good and bad..

The first half of the year was actually pretty important. I had my basic camera kit for most of it and I still didn’t know that many people. Although I was finally able to start working with Freevancity ( but sadly I wasn’t able to manage my time better, so I doubt I helped at all and now it seems like I’m not needed :/ It was still a nice experience.. I met some important people and I had started to get some new lenses for my camera (I got the Canon 50mm f1.8 and Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens in this time-span).

But to me the second half of the year is the most important, since so much changed so quickly. This is when I went to my first cosplay event, Cos & Effect at UBC, and when my interest in portrait photography started to grow! Since I had just gotten my Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens a few days before the DTP Autoshow (, it had become easier for me to become interested in portrait photography and that lens was PERFECT for Cos & Effect (! Since before C&E I had never really had much of an interest in taking pictures of people surprisingly. Thanks to C&E (and the other cosplay events that followed), I’ve met a lot of great new people and most of them really have brightened up my facebook newsfeed too; enough that I actually do check it more then I ever did before! xD Around this time I also started working with the people who were planning TEDxKids@BC ( and the event pictures: with friends of mine from another project that I’m involved in (which needs an infusion of new life it seems :/ ) called SpeakNowTV ( Working with the people behind TEDxKids@BC has been really great and I look forward to helping with TEDxKids@BC 2012 and the upcoming TEDxChange@Vancouver mini-event! 😀

The entire year wasn’t all amazing though. There were still many bad days and I finally did learn who my "friends" really are (there are still some doubts too..) but I’m not really keen on going into the bad of 2011, I’ve had way too many bad days to deal with since the first days of high school..

Thank-you to everyone who has followed my flickr(, DeviantArt(, tumblr(, twitter (, and everyone who has liked my very very new Facebook page( and thank-you to everyone who commented on my pictures and supported me since I started getting more interested in photography, I couldn’t have gotten this far without all of you! :’D I look forward to learning more in 2012 and improving even further, since it would be nice to become a proper photographer for hire!

I’m sorry if everything I’m saying sounds very.. disjointed, I really don’t know how to mention EVERYTHING that happened this year! Farewell 2011, you were a very important year to me and I will (almost) miss you 🙂

And so ends 365 days of pictures, I hope you all enjoyed it!

And some music as well –
Triumph from Frozen Synapses is very fitting (
Sift by Fiji + Aliaspharow –
Progressive by Acid Paradox –
Visionary [Original Mix] by Kazmo –
and of course, Impossible to Convey by PrEmoEffect –

From Above & Beyond:
Nuclear Fusion – (I’ve wanted to add this song to a picture in my project for several months now but I never found the proper day :X)
Wanderlust – I couldn’t find a link to the original mix 😦


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