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Day 364 – The Second Last Day..

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The plan for today was to meet up with some friends, before they went to a small concert that a local band was hosting, and play some yu-gi-oh; instead we started off by going for some all you can eat-sushi at japans es restaurant located near Aberdeen Mall in Richmond. The place is called Ninkazu and it wasn’t that bad at all; we ordered quite a lot, with the most going to the salmon sushi at 22 orders versus 7-8 for everything else xD The spicy tuna cone was nice and large (unlike SOME places I’ve been too, I had all but given up on ever ordering that dish again).

Also checkout Day 2 from the start of my project, since I did end up going to Aberdeen right before the year ended ๐Ÿ™‚ –…

It’s too bad that we took so long eating, otherwise we would have had a chance to head over to a friends house (he was with us at the time and it was his great idea!) and play some video games and duel before heading to the event. But with the lack of time we went to Metropolis Comics near Metrotown, to play instead. In the first duel with my deck, I got a fairly fast win as I some how managed to draw all of the cards I needed and set-up a combo that did life point damage each turn. I lost the second match though; my friend held off long enough to destroy my field card AND destroy the second field card I drew a few turns after, he got very lucky xD The new light and dark starter decks are really overpowered when compared to the older starter decks, so much has changed since the cartoon first came on tv ๐Ÿ˜ก

I did end up going to the concert that my friends were going to, it was hosted by a local band called aNiX to celebrate their 1 year anniversary. They play covers of songs from various animes like Naruto, Death Note, Darker Than Black, etc. It’s too bad that the sound wasn’t that great at the venue, it was hard to hear the vocals :/ Incredibly loud events are definitely not my favorite type of place to be at for any reason it seems, it makes me surprisingly uncomfortable and withdrawn >.< They still did pretty well though.

At the end we were waiting around for the band since some people wanted to go out for bubble tea. While we waited, some of them played around with some glow sticks; we got some pretty nice shots but it’s too bad they didn’t want to draw any designs :s

It was a pretty fun day and I can’t wait to hang out with this group again in the new year! ๐Ÿ˜€

With tomorrow being the last day of my project, I’m going to post Day 365 on Sunday evening when I get home. This is so amazing, I’m almost done!!


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