The world that I see through my lens!

A Photoshoot as the Darkness Falls

_MG_7264-EditPhotoshoot-as-the-darkness-falls_MG_2543Photoshoot-as-the-darkness-falls_MG_2545Photoshoot-as-the-darkness-falls_MG_2552Watching the Sunset on the BeachPhotoshoot-as-the-darkness-falls_MG_2557
Photoshoot-as-the-darkness-falls_MG_2685Photoshoot-as-the-darkness-falls_MG_2693Photoshoot-as-the-darkness-falls_MG_2695Photoshoot-as-the-darkness-falls_MG_2699Photoshoot-as-the-darkness-falls_MG_2703Day 246

Via Flickr:
I’ll be posting pictures from short night time photoshoots here. I’m slowly learning how to use an external flash unit 😡

Also on my facebook page:…

So far from:
Day 246 – pictures 1 to 22 – My first time using a flash outside at such a time. It was challenging but oh so worth trying!

Day 348 – This shoot was supposed to happen before dark but we ended up getting delayed. We did get a few good shots as the light was dying but I really wish that I had a flash with me v.v The Gundam and pet pictures were from when we were seeing if a secondary indoor location may work better, although it didn’t :s


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